The Revolution You May Have Not Noticed


The struggle between personal liberty and governmental control is as old as mankind itself. America’s Founders did their best to ensure that liberty would last as long as possible though most believed it would not go on forever in the country they risked their lives for. They had studied history extensively and saw for themselves the reality that once liberty is taken for granted, it is lost until through dangerous struggles can it be regained.

In America today, the arguement between the need for liberty and the need for government control is at a fever pitch. Gun control, government surviellance, NDAA, the Patriot Act and so forth are all hotly debated topics. It is now to the point where a poll conducted by Fairliegh Dickinson University last April has revealed that 29% of voters believe that an armed revolution may be necessary in the near future to preserve liberty. Interestingly, of that 29%, 44% were Republican, 27% Independant, and 18% were Democrats.

So if the supposed revolution were to preserve liberty, which is what America was founded upon, what happened to liberty? The answer is: a revolution has already happened, one that was deliberate, though almost entirely unnoticed.

To understand this requires a bit more history. Russia underwent it’s communist revolution in 1917 using violence, propoganda, and legal manuevering. The Nazi’s used similar methods in the 1920’s and 1930’s. The Nazi’s lost power after being defeated in World War Two while in Russia the communists lost power from the efforts of those who were, or the decendants of, those originally oppressed in the revolution.

So if a revolution has already happened in America, where was the violence? The answer to that lies in a complete difference in demographics between America and other nations. Americans still largely remember that when government wants to disarm you, it means to oppress you. Americans have always been wary of any sudden changes in government. So the tactics used by the Bolsheviks in Russia or by the Nazi Party in Germany would be met by what Japenese Admiral Yamamoto warned his Emporer about prior to the attack on Pearl Harbor, “a gun behind every blade of grass”.

So how did this revolution happen? It began slowly probably before the Second World War though it accelerated after the end of the conflict (this is best explained by the John Birch Society’s “Little Blue Book”). It began by first infiltrating “immigrants” who would act as agents for various purposes like feeding propoganda through various outlets, ever cautious as to not push too hard too quickly.

As decades have passed, our society, largely due to the efforts of both communists and former Nazis, has degraded morally, divided racially and ethnically thus providing the need for more and more government control. At the same time these “agents” have slipped into positions within corporations, government and media, all collectively working toward the same goal, pushing their agendas only so hard as not to foment a coordinated resistance.

So here we are, the Bill of Rights no longer holds any meaning and the rest of the Constitution is nearly destroyed as well, how did so many not notice?  While people ponder the idea of whether or not an armed revolution is necessary, they need to understand that if that is what they choose to do they would be “counter-revolutionaries” not “revolutionaries”.

The fact is, this is all easily provable, this article serves only as a summary of what happened.


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