America: The unsustainable.


foodstampsWith all of the relatively recent discussion about the debt ceiling and the ensuing sequester, Americans are divided. I remember reading an article on that only 48% of Americans polled, were not in favor of raising the debt ceiling. Which means only 48% percent of us actually have at least some basic math skills.

Another poll I have also read recently states that most Americans agree we need to cut debt, yet want no cuts to entitlements or other social programmes. I guess the old expression of “waiting to have your cake and eat it too” applies to this. Entitlement spending, when combined, consumes more money than even our defense budget, which is the largest individual expense in the US. Sorry, but we can not have it both ways, it is simply not reasonable.

Here is something to chew on:

In 2012, over 100 million Americans grew to the…

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