“Out of My Cold, Dead Fingers”

I have heard this line since I was a little kid. I love it. It’s even better than “molon labe” in my opinion! It paints a clear picture. If you want my guns, you are going to pay for them, in blood. Just the thought of it inspires me. With a motto like this soaring across the nation, no one should ever dare infringe on the 2nd Amendment, no less be brazen enough to actually attempt to confiscate a firearm from a red-blooded American. It would be suicide, right?

Well, at least I used to think so. In 2005, New Orleans was slammed by Hurricane Katrina. A large portion of the city was swallowed by water after multiple breaks in the city’s levy system occurred. People fled the submerged city in droves, but there were also large portions of the city that stayed that remained above the water level. It was a national emergency nightmare and FEMA was completely unprepared. Which seems strange, considering it’s their job and all, but I digress.

With violence soaring out-of-control, looting happened at a rampant pace, and gangs openly seized control of the streets. New Orleans responded with calling in the National Guard and declaring Martial Law. The first act of Martial Law wasn’t protect property and save people, but obviously seize the guns. The National Guard didn’t go after the street gangs, because they kept running away and hiding like cockroaches, so they focused their efforts on easier prey, law abiding gun owners protecting their homes. Using the mandated registry the Guard went home to homes without warrants and seized all firearms. Sure, people were upset, especially after the gangs followed behind the Guard and had a carefree time looting without fear of return fire, but the Guard really had little difficulty executing their orders. The NRA eventually jumped in and got a court order ending the practice, but to this day many of those gun owners never got their weapons returned to them.

Then in July of this year, Cook County, Illinois (Chicago) unilaterally withdrew thousands of Firearm Owner Identification Cards (FOID), which is an elaborate permission slip to own a firearm. More than 3,000 people failed to turn in their cards and their legally purchased guns, so deputies of the Cook County Sheriff’s Office continue to around door to door collecting these cards and the owner’s guns, sometimes with a High Risk Entry Team. 10 to 20 of these cards get revoked every week. Sometimes on drug charges, sometimes just because some desk jockey decides a FOID holder is mentally unstable. Aside the fact that these cards’ very existance is highly unconstitutional, the revocation is even more so, but the whole episode goes off without very little trouble for the Sheriff’s Office.

Also this year, we have the People’s Republic of California greatly expanding its list of people no longer allowed to possess firearms. Reasons for revocation of rights range from unpaid taxes to failure to pay toll fees in a “timely” manner as well as many other misdemeanor and non-criminal charges. The state spent more than $24 million to hire officers to run raids on over 20,000 residents who possessed legally purchased and registered firearms. This also continues today.

“From my cold, dead fingers” is an attitude that should not be taken lightly. I am not advocating that if you possess a legally purchased firearm that you sacrifice your life in order to keep it if the authorities come knocking on your door. For decades the thought of the government actually confiscating legally owned firearms was so foreign as to seem ridiculous; so making such statements was easy to proclaim with no real risk.

However for many, that day is here. I have a Facebook friend in West Virginia who had authorities run a warrantless raid on his home while he was at work. They confiscated his guns and computers, because of some right-wing statements he had made on Facebook. His wife and children were taken into custody for the day but were eventually released and no charges were filed. He is still trying to get his property returned.

Whether you have ever uttered the words “from my cold, dead fingers”, “molon labe”, or “come and take them”, then take some time and think what those words actually mean and what the consequences are. If you have a family, discuss this with seriously with your spouse. Discuss with your friends who have also made these statements. Prepare yourself for the possibility that someone will come for your guns, because the days are gone when this was purely hypothetical speculation. The day is coming when you will get the knock on your door. It may be years, it may be weeks, but without a doubt, it will come. Prepare yourself and have a plan of action.


Next article: Losing the Defensive Battle.


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