Real Life Zombies, Learned Helplessness, And Societal Tribalism.


Every which way you turn now days, there are zombies. They appear in movies, television shows, video games, toy stores etc.  Our popular culture is inundated by it’s own “zombie apacolypse”. They are so pervasive that they have become inescapable. While there is no harm in indulging in a bit of make believe on occasion it might be alarming to some to note the parallels between the “make-believe” and the real world.

The common description of a zombie is that of a neither living nor dead being whose primary motivation is to consume the flesh and brains of others. Keep that description in mind the next time you are in public and you will see there is some reality to zombies in a figurative sense and in some ways literally.

Neither Living nor Dead.

Real world “zombies” can be found just about anywhere. They believe what they are taught to believe, do only what they are told to do, never questioning anything that goes against what they have been taught or told and are usually very defensive of what ever they were originally taught to believe.  They do not live for themselves but rather to “go along to get along”, go to work, pay taxes, vote for which ever party they were told to, consume products they were told to, never the while believing it possible that an independant thought could be anything but blasphemy.

Try this: Go to a fast food restaurant and in one breath order a burger, saying “just the burger to go” after what the name of the burger was. More times than not the cashier will ask “do want that in a combo” and after reaffirming that you “just want the burger” don’t be shocked to hear: “will that be for here or to go?”

At this point some of my readers will be thinking “but that is what they were trained to say and it’s polite to just go-along-to-get-along”. If you are thinking that, please re-read everything up to this point and go look in a mirror because the cashier started that conversation with something like “what can I get for you” and you told them very specifically using the word “just” in the context of meaning “just that, nothing else” and if they were actually coherent when the asked you the question they may have noted the “to go, please” part as well.

Zombies are not solely in fast food, and can be spotted working in nearly every industry. If you rent a post office box, try paying your dues early, and then ask the rediculous question “why not” when they  tell you that they can not accept payment early. When they say “our system doesn’t allow us to accept payments until your due date” don’t forget this is a government service bleeding red ink from both femoral arteries.

Consuming the Flesh and Brains of Others.

Real life zombies obviously do not literally eat human flesh or brains but in a figurative way they do. In one way they infect others into “going along to get along” which leads the victim to stop thinking about what they are doing or why they are doing it. This is what leads to “learned helplessness”, or accepting the false belief that society is the way it is and nothing can be done about it. While it may seem to be impossible to cure a zombie, the idea of giving into this societal norm is a defeatist one. While there is no known one-size-fits-all way to bring people out of their trance like state, it is something we should not give up trying to do, for those who understand what I’m saying know what governments do when people stop thinking. We must try.

Societal Tribalism.

Another aspect of zombies is their attachment to what I’ll call “their team”. Sports is an excellent example in the way that most fans will defend “their team” even to the point of having to resort to absurd arguements. Though in sports, people’s lives, liberty, property, and pursuit of happpiness are not in play. In politics, however, everything is fair game.

You have likely heard “I won’t vote for Democrats, they want to raise taxes”, or “I won’t vote for Republicans, they’ll start another war and Al Sharpton said they’re racist”. What few people see is that both parties raise taxes, start wars, and use racial issues as political weapons. It is this narrow minded, single issue voting decision used by so many that has led this country to the shambles it has become and effected the world at the same time in a very negative way.

This tribalism can even be seen in those who say they don’t trust the media, but still buy into certain things because they want to believe it without out ever questioning it. It is as if people live if fear of finding truth because they would have to first question what they have already been led to believe and admit that they really don’t know.

Are you a zombie, or do you truly think for yourself?

“I have sworn upon the Altar of God, eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man.”
-Thomas Jefferson


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