The Mushrooms of Muhammad

For many years America was the beacon of light and hope to the world.  We were the land of the free where men and women could come and build their own American dream. They brought their cultures, and they brought their religions, but they integrated into the American melting pot to become part of a new nation, to become one with their new homeland. As they came over and worked hard, their success added to the strength of the nation and America became rich in both culture and prosperity.

Then in wake of the counterculture of the 60’s and 70’s, we have seen a steady decay of the American culture. Grounds were set where people were encouraged to strive for individualism and not become a cooperative member of society. The melting pot was broken and replaced with a tossed salad. The minor differences in the cultures of the American people now became the dominant focus and cause for division. Where we were once a single people, now we are many;  each subculture is told that they are being treated unequally and unfairly. We once worked together side-by-side for our common goals, now we have become obsessed that someone is getting something over on us at our own expense. The only way to correct these perceived wrongs is to tear down the system that once held us together.

By far the largest obstacle to the socialists of the counterculture is a society with high moral and ethical values. Our reliance on God and deep rooted Christian beliefs were a strong bonding agent for our nation. In order to break down our society, they had to break down those religious beliefs. Socialism provided the perfect solution for this. It took decades, but the steady attack on traditional Christian beliefs moved many to start relying on government instead of God.

This is when our society began to die. As Americans began to lose their moral compass, the rampant spread of crime, drugs, and pornography became more prevalent. By themselves, these are not the results of a nation gone astray but the symptoms of a people with little to no conscience. Our society began to experience decay and rotting from the inside. As a society, we began to die.

People lost their sense of right and wrong. They no longer cared about society, only about themselves. The extent in which they tried to control the masses is to only secure money and power unto themselves. The only thing people believed was wrong was that Christians are wrong. Moral absolutes were gone. Everything had become relative.  

This is where Islam thrives. They grow in the rot of society like mushrooms in a dead tree. Our new secular society refuses to agree with anything Christians believe is right or wrong, because they see this as the greatest threat to their power. They cannot declare that the culture of Islam is wrong when it stands in opposition to moral standings of Christianity. Indeed, they must embrace it in the spirit of multiculturalism.

If all beliefs are equal and only traditional Christianity is wrong, then society is forced then to allow each culture to define themselves without external judgment. In fact, the preachings of multiculturalism force society to withhold any judgments and embrace those beliefs, regardless of how distasteful, with full acceptance. It’s a forced hand. Multiculturalism is needed to kill the religion of traditional Christianity, but Muslims use multiculturalism to push their own religion. Since Muslims are using multiculturalism to push their beliefs, then they can use their own concept of taqiyya—lying for the benefit of the religion of Islam—to teach that they are a religion of peace and tolerance in line with the values of multiculturalism.

Socialists have been pushing for the destruction of Christian ideologies in Western society for near a century now. They have been doing this in hopes of building a great Marxist society where the government takes care of everyone, and everybody is equal regardless of potential. But they were not the only ones paying attention to the changing world. Christianity was the main obstacle keeping Islam out of the West. Once those barriers were destroyed, it opened the flood gates for Islam to piggyback right behind the socialists and there is nothing they can do about it, because the socialists still believe Christianity is the biggest threat to their vision of Utopia.

Europe will most definitely fall completely under the control of the rising Islamic empire within 20 years, unless the Europeans become willing to fight for their dying culture. Hard to say if they will or won’t. We won’t last much longer after that. Islam will wait as long as needed, but once they control lands with nuclear weapons, like France, then they will go back to their roots and move to control the world by the sword. In the face of Islam, you only have three choices: convert, submit, or die.

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