My Recommended Changes to Government

So, there is a lot of talk out there now about taking back the country and restoring the Constitution. This certainly sounds like a noble effort, but is it enough? Think about it. We were handed by our founders a constitution that laid out the foundation of what should have been the best government ever and we have screwed it beyond repair.

Don’t get me wrong. The government our founders gave us was centuries ahead of its time. Our Constitution inspired many others around the world. It was genius, but obviously not without flaws that have since been exploited. Someday, it is conceivable that we will get a chance to have another go at it. If that does occur, what are some changes we should make, so hopefully our descendants don’t have to do it again so soon? Here are a few of my recommendations.

First of all, we need to abolish a few of the current amendments. I will just present them by number: 14th, 16th, 20th, 23rd, 26th, and 27th.  We need to go back to a strict interpretation of the other amendments so they limit the government as they should.

Next, abolish the executive branch. The nature of a president is to accumulate more power. They really are not that much different than a King or a dictator. Besides, what do we really need a president for? They fly around on our dime taking expensive vacations and meeting with other dictators with whom we have no business talking. Every duty of the presidency can be done by a committee in Congress. The amount of money saved on this act alone is barely conceivable.

Now we replace the Executive Branch with a new branch of government whose sole purpose is to audit the government. They are elected separately and they don’t answer to any other branch of government. They are not allowed to have more members than there are members of congress. Their powers are limited to only limiting the power of congress. Their job is to review any and all procedures and regulations by any government agency, and they have full authority to abolish any they find who violate the spirit of the constitution, exceed the scope of the agency, spend tax payers’ money irresponsibly, or infringe on the rights of American citizens. They cannot take any action that would limit citizen rights to life, property or business. All federal government agencies will be abolished that conflict with the Ninth and Tenth Amendments.

We need to add an amendment that clearly states that all representatives of government, including military and police abide by EVERY SINGLE LAW that restricts the freedoms of the average citizen. With this amendment, we set representatives and senators a fixed income set at a rate of 150% to 200% the average national wage in the United States.

All laws must be started in the House of Representatives. All proposed laws must be published to the general public using all available means possible for 90 days before it can be voted on in the House. No law can exceed ten pages of print. No law can contain any language not specifically relevant to the title of the proposed law. All laws require 75% majority of the House and the Senate to pass.

Abortion must be made illegal in all cases except when it will place the mother’s life in mortal peril that cannot be avoided by cesarean section. Before an abortion is performed, the mortal peril of the mother must be verified by a minimum of three qualified doctors. A mother may still be found guilty of having an illegal abortion if it is discovered that a doctor had advised the mother she can safely have the baby and she continued to find doctors that supported abortion.

The voting age should be set at a minimum of age 30. Also, voters cannot be receiving any government assistance except that earned by working for the government. They must present a valid form of state identification or citizenship. Voting can only be done in person at designated booths within the borders of the United States, except for any military personnel serving overseas.

The military cannot be used as a peace keeping force in another nation. They also cannot be used within the borders of the United States except in areas permanently designated as Militarized Zones. Those areas are any areas within five miles of the border of Mexico or Canada and cannot be expanded or reduced. These areas will be under the constant patrol of the US Military. The military cannot possess any other land inside the borders of the United States. Likewise, the US Navy will patrol the waters between the US and any other nation and are required to stop and inspect any boat leaving or entering US territorial waters. The military can automatically deploy without Congressional approval to defend US territory from a foreign invader. Any other action of the military must be approved by Congress.

The Federal Reserve—which is a private bank—will be abolished and any national bank will be made illegal. The Federal Government may be allowed to print reserve notes, but are strictly limited to the amount of valuable minerals or precious stones stored in federal vaults.

Large business has proven to be as bad for freedom and liberty as big government. Therefore, restrictions need to be placed on all companies and conglomerates of companies that the total size of any collaboration cannot exceed 1,500 employees or .0001% of the US Gross National Product. Any excess of this limit will be taxed at 100%. ( I am not certain if that is a good percentage to set that rate at, but it needs to be something that keeps companies from growing too big and making competition from startups and mom & pop business impossible. It also keeps them from growing so financially strong they control the media and even government as they can now).

No Federal or state government is allowed to support it citizens on any type of long term sustained welfare program.

My final recommendation, taxes. The Federal Government and all state governments are limited to taxing its people through sales tax only. No other form of taxation is constitutional, with the exception that the Federal Government may tax goods being imported into the United States. The Government is limited to the funds it collects each fiscal year and is not allowed to deficit spend except in a time of war. After any war, the government has 15 years to get out of debt.


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