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My Recommended Changes to Government

So, there is a lot of talk out there now about taking back the country and restoring the Constitution. This certainly sounds like a noble effort, but is it enough? Think about it. We were handed by our founders a constitution that laid out the foundation of what should have been the best government ever and we have screwed it beyond repair.

Don’t get me wrong. The government our founders gave us was centuries ahead of its time. Our Constitution inspired many others around the world. It was genius, but obviously not without flaws that have since been exploited. Someday, it is conceivable that we will get a chance to have another go at it. If that does occur, what are some changes we should make, so hopefully our descendants don’t have to do it again so soon? Here are a few of my recommendations.

First of all, we need to abolish a few of the current amendments. I will just present them by number: 14th, 16th, 20th, 23rd, 26th, and 27th.  We need to go back to a strict interpretation of the other amendments so they limit the government as they should.

Next, abolish the executive branch. The nature of a president is to accumulate more power. They really are not that much different than a King or a dictator. Besides, what do we really need a president for? They fly around on our dime taking expensive vacations and meeting with other dictators with whom we have no business talking. Every duty of the presidency can be done by a committee in Congress. The amount of money saved on this act alone is barely conceivable.

Now we replace the Executive Branch with a new branch of government whose sole purpose is to audit the government. They are elected separately and they don’t answer to any other branch of government. They are not allowed to have more members than there are members of congress. Their powers are limited to only limiting the power of congress. Their job is to review any and all procedures and regulations by any government agency, and they have full authority to abolish any they find who violate the spirit of the constitution, exceed the scope of the agency, spend tax payers’ money irresponsibly, or infringe on the rights of American citizens. They cannot take any action that would limit citizen rights to life, property or business. All federal government agencies will be abolished that conflict with the Ninth and Tenth Amendments.

We need to add an amendment that clearly states that all representatives of government, including military and police abide by EVERY SINGLE LAW that restricts the freedoms of the average citizen. With this amendment, we set representatives and senators a fixed income set at a rate of 150% to 200% the average national wage in the United States.

All laws must be started in the House of Representatives. All proposed laws must be published to the general public using all available means possible for 90 days before it can be voted on in the House. No law can exceed ten pages of print. No law can contain any language not specifically relevant to the title of the proposed law. All laws require 75% majority of the House and the Senate to pass.

Abortion must be made illegal in all cases except when it will place the mother’s life in mortal peril that cannot be avoided by cesarean section. Before an abortion is performed, the mortal peril of the mother must be verified by a minimum of three qualified doctors. A mother may still be found guilty of having an illegal abortion if it is discovered that a doctor had advised the mother she can safely have the baby and she continued to find doctors that supported abortion.

The voting age should be set at a minimum of age 30. Also, voters cannot be receiving any government assistance except that earned by working for the government. They must present a valid form of state identification or citizenship. Voting can only be done in person at designated booths within the borders of the United States, except for any military personnel serving overseas.

The military cannot be used as a peace keeping force in another nation. They also cannot be used within the borders of the United States except in areas permanently designated as Militarized Zones. Those areas are any areas within five miles of the border of Mexico or Canada and cannot be expanded or reduced. These areas will be under the constant patrol of the US Military. The military cannot possess any other land inside the borders of the United States. Likewise, the US Navy will patrol the waters between the US and any other nation and are required to stop and inspect any boat leaving or entering US territorial waters. The military can automatically deploy without Congressional approval to defend US territory from a foreign invader. Any other action of the military must be approved by Congress.

The Federal Reserve—which is a private bank—will be abolished and any national bank will be made illegal. The Federal Government may be allowed to print reserve notes, but are strictly limited to the amount of valuable minerals or precious stones stored in federal vaults.

Large business has proven to be as bad for freedom and liberty as big government. Therefore, restrictions need to be placed on all companies and conglomerates of companies that the total size of any collaboration cannot exceed 1,500 employees or .0001% of the US Gross National Product. Any excess of this limit will be taxed at 100%. ( I am not certain if that is a good percentage to set that rate at, but it needs to be something that keeps companies from growing too big and making competition from startups and mom & pop business impossible. It also keeps them from growing so financially strong they control the media and even government as they can now).

No Federal or state government is allowed to support it citizens on any type of long term sustained welfare program.

My final recommendation, taxes. The Federal Government and all state governments are limited to taxing its people through sales tax only. No other form of taxation is constitutional, with the exception that the Federal Government may tax goods being imported into the United States. The Government is limited to the funds it collects each fiscal year and is not allowed to deficit spend except in a time of war. After any war, the government has 15 years to get out of debt.


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The Mushrooms of Muhammad

For many years America was the beacon of light and hope to the world.  We were the land of the free where men and women could come and build their own American dream. They brought their cultures, and they brought their religions, but they integrated into the American melting pot to become part of a new nation, to become one with their new homeland. As they came over and worked hard, their success added to the strength of the nation and America became rich in both culture and prosperity.

Then in wake of the counterculture of the 60’s and 70’s, we have seen a steady decay of the American culture. Grounds were set where people were encouraged to strive for individualism and not become a cooperative member of society. The melting pot was broken and replaced with a tossed salad. The minor differences in the cultures of the American people now became the dominant focus and cause for division. Where we were once a single people, now we are many;  each subculture is told that they are being treated unequally and unfairly. We once worked together side-by-side for our common goals, now we have become obsessed that someone is getting something over on us at our own expense. The only way to correct these perceived wrongs is to tear down the system that once held us together.

By far the largest obstacle to the socialists of the counterculture is a society with high moral and ethical values. Our reliance on God and deep rooted Christian beliefs were a strong bonding agent for our nation. In order to break down our society, they had to break down those religious beliefs. Socialism provided the perfect solution for this. It took decades, but the steady attack on traditional Christian beliefs moved many to start relying on government instead of God.

This is when our society began to die. As Americans began to lose their moral compass, the rampant spread of crime, drugs, and pornography became more prevalent. By themselves, these are not the results of a nation gone astray but the symptoms of a people with little to no conscience. Our society began to experience decay and rotting from the inside. As a society, we began to die.

People lost their sense of right and wrong. They no longer cared about society, only about themselves. The extent in which they tried to control the masses is to only secure money and power unto themselves. The only thing people believed was wrong was that Christians are wrong. Moral absolutes were gone. Everything had become relative.  

This is where Islam thrives. They grow in the rot of society like mushrooms in a dead tree. Our new secular society refuses to agree with anything Christians believe is right or wrong, because they see this as the greatest threat to their power. They cannot declare that the culture of Islam is wrong when it stands in opposition to moral standings of Christianity. Indeed, they must embrace it in the spirit of multiculturalism.

If all beliefs are equal and only traditional Christianity is wrong, then society is forced then to allow each culture to define themselves without external judgment. In fact, the preachings of multiculturalism force society to withhold any judgments and embrace those beliefs, regardless of how distasteful, with full acceptance. It’s a forced hand. Multiculturalism is needed to kill the religion of traditional Christianity, but Muslims use multiculturalism to push their own religion. Since Muslims are using multiculturalism to push their beliefs, then they can use their own concept of taqiyya—lying for the benefit of the religion of Islam—to teach that they are a religion of peace and tolerance in line with the values of multiculturalism.

Socialists have been pushing for the destruction of Christian ideologies in Western society for near a century now. They have been doing this in hopes of building a great Marxist society where the government takes care of everyone, and everybody is equal regardless of potential. But they were not the only ones paying attention to the changing world. Christianity was the main obstacle keeping Islam out of the West. Once those barriers were destroyed, it opened the flood gates for Islam to piggyback right behind the socialists and there is nothing they can do about it, because the socialists still believe Christianity is the biggest threat to their vision of Utopia.

Europe will most definitely fall completely under the control of the rising Islamic empire within 20 years, unless the Europeans become willing to fight for their dying culture. Hard to say if they will or won’t. We won’t last much longer after that. Islam will wait as long as needed, but once they control lands with nuclear weapons, like France, then they will go back to their roots and move to control the world by the sword. In the face of Islam, you only have three choices: convert, submit, or die.

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Corruption in America

First line of the second paragraph of the United States Declaration of Independence: “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness”. I find this line filled with meaning, primarily that the founders acknowledge we are endowed by our Creator with the rights we fight to hold on to today. This is interesting and exactly the topic I want to touch on today.

God installed Moses as the leader of His people who were held in captivity in Egypt to bring them out of slavery and gave His people their own land to call home just as He had promised Abraham. But before the Jews even reached the lands of Canaan, they began to turn their backs on their Savior and beg for a return to Egypt and captivity. Great leaders rose time and again for the people of Israel to set the people back on the pursuit of God and His blessings as they continued to seek other gods and stray from their faith. When they pursued God’s righteousness, they received great blessings such as they had under King David and the early years of King Solomon, when they abandoned their faith, their nation fell into decline and eventually returned to slavery and exile by the Babylonians.

When our nation was formed, just as we can see in the Declaration of Independence, as a nation, we pursued God’s blessings and held His word in high esteem. Where our nation may have been far from perfect and riddled with flaws, the hearts of the American people continued to seek His guidance the best way they knew how. Because of this, our people pulled through a horrific Civil War and two World Wars each time growing stronger and increasing in wealth. After WWII, the lifestyle of the average American greatly exceeded the people of the rest of the world, so greatly were we blessed that we still have the highest quality of life on the planet.

After Solomon died, he was replaced by his son Rehoboam;  Judah’s spender was quickly diminishing due to the people turning from God and pursuing other gods. Their great wealth made them comfortable and arrogant. Their borders spanned from the Sinai Peninsula to the Euphrates River and even the Assyrian Empire was humbled by their might. But their increasing greed cause the nation to split in a civil war and both nations soon began to be picked apart by their enemies.

Now we have the first president in our nation’s history to declare we are no longer a Christian nation. He is correct. Even though the majority of Americans would identify themselves as Christians if asked, we certainly do not pursue Him. We pursue comforts, distractions and money. We have a nation-wide addiction to entertainment and an expectation that every problem should have a microwave solution.

Back to this line from our Declaration of Independence, if we do not acknowledge God as our creator in our newly formed secular society, do we still retain our right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness? Think about what we are losing across the nation as our Constitution is torn apart bit by bit before our eyes. We are struggling to retain our rights, but the whole “god thing” not so much.

Look at television programs 60 years ago and then look at them today. What a horrific difference. Think about Miley Cyrus for a minute. Pretty girl, but I have seen more wholesome looking prostitutes in downtown Seattle. She stated recently in an article about the stupidity of American morals. She complained that if she dropped the F-bomb on television they would bleep her out, but she can watch an episode of Breaking Bad on television and learn how to cook meth, kill a man, and dissolve a body in acid. She is absolutely right. MTV basically filmed her having sex on stage at the MVAs, but they will quickly sensor the word ‘molly’.

And another entertainer by the name of M.I.A. is being sued by the NFL for 1.5 million dollars because she flipped off the camera during the 2012 halftime show, but complains that the same half time show featured Madonna’s young teenage backup dancers, with their “hips thrusted in the air, legs wide open,” None of this makes any sense.

All this confusion derives from the fact that the American people have completely lost their moral compass. We have allowed, accepted, and even celebrated the destruction of the Christian values that made America special, a beacon of light in a world of darkness and oppression. But here we are, just like the Jews, selling ourselves back into slavery. This is why we are losing our rights. If we did not allow the argument of socialism into the political arena to begin with, due to its stance against God, then they wouldn’t have a foundation from which to base their arguments.

People are going to put their faith into something, either government or God. Whichever we put our faith into, we will serve. God, our creator, give us “unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness”. The only right government will ever guarantee us is the right to ignore God. So, before you hit the streets to protest about the latest Amendment under assault, or even continue your fight as the “keyboard commando” posting cute little pictures berating the president, think about taking up the fight to put God back as the real leader of our nation and restoring the order we once had.


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Militia: Friend or Foe?

Along with any report on militias from ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, or any other similar news agency, you will often see the liberal use of words like extremist, radical, right-wing, and conspiratorial. They may even pitch in a few emotion-provoking words like racist and hate group. This certainly paints a bleak picture of an entire group of people, but how accurate is that picture, really? To get an honest answer, we have to look at what militias have meant historically in our nation as well as what they have become in the last few decades.

During the Revolutionary War, there were many colonial militia groups. The largest and most well-known group was the Minutemen. In fact, it was this group that kicked off the Revolutionary War in Lexington, when British Forces fired on them prompting a hostile response that resulted in a British retreat. Militia groups continually engaged the British regulars throughout the war. They proved effective in guerilla style warfare, considerably hampering British supply lines; however, they proved generally ineffective on the open battle lines with the Colonial regulars. The performance of the militia during the war was viewed later as pivotal in suppressing the British Forces until the engagement of the French on behalf of the Colonies, which were also joined later by the Dutch and Spanish in securing American independence.

Militias continued to be utilized and supported by their states through the early years of the United States up to the Spanish-American War. Prior to WWI, the Dick Act federalized many of these groups into National Guard units for each state, which the federal government could then use as a reserve force for its regular Army units. Because this allowed these units to be taken out of state, many states felt as if they had been left defenseless, which in turn created a strong emotional impact among those who survived the Civil War. The Act allowed for the creation of the reserve militia or unorganized militia by the citizens (all able-bodied men ages 18-45) for the defense of their home state.  

Though the reserve militias were originally supported by their states with firearms and equipment, this support dwindled over the years as the ever-increasing demands of the state National Guard drained allocated funds. Each group learned to be self-sufficient and would purchase equipment necessary for their mission from personal funds leading to more separation of the militia groups from their state government.

These groups were allowed to self-regulate as their existence was guaranteed by the Constitution of the United States, specifically by the First and Second Amendments. However, with the lack of calls to service from their states and the glory of the militia in service during the Spanish-American War fading from memory, so too did the decline of individual Americans’ involvement in their local militia groups. Coupled with this was a general leeriness of firearms growing amongst the public; traditional militia groups began to disappear entirely by the Second World War.

Then in the late 50’s, new groups began to form in response to the growing Civil Rights movement that resembled militias. They spewed hatred for Black Americans and justified their armed groups’ existence and the violence they created as a defense for their culture and way of life, taking the argument as far as defending their state’s rights. For example, the White Knights of the Klu Klux Klan conducted many beatings and church burnings and even murdered three civil rights workers in 1964. The KKK became known as the militant arm of the Democratic Party, who fought tirelessly against the Civil Rights Movement.

Not long after Civil Rights were signed into law, the Black Panther Party, which quickly formed into a revolutionary communist group, pushed for an overthrow of the government and a creation of a new Marxist regime. This group was highly militant and was often seen marching armed groups through black communities, enforcing the will of the group on the Black American communities. Because of groups like the KKK and the Black Panthers, the word militia sank into the American psyche as one associated with crime, uncontrolled violence, paranoia, and racism even as those groups faded into obscurity.

Under the Clinton Administration in the 1990’s, many Americans began to feel the stress of encroachment of their individual freedoms and liberties as well as the federal government’s ever-growing tax burden. The 1993 assault weapons ban was especially shocking to many conservatives across the nation. Never before had the government made such a bold move against the 2nd Amendment. Gun rights are seen by many as the keystone of American independence. Because of this and other suspicious activities by the Clinton Administration, Americans across the nation began to feel that their very nation was in trouble of once again falling under the control of a tyrant. Men and women with rifles began to gather once again and talk about preparing for the worst and fighting for their nation if necessary. The traditional militia was reborn.

Unfortunately, this also coincided with a movement that was spreading rapidly out of Europe; the rise of the Neo-Nazi skinheads. This movement was growing rapidly among younger white Americans in response to the inner city rising of black gangs like the Crips and Bloods. The Neo-Nazis pulled their members into rural areas around the nation in the hope of being able to engage in criminal practices with less scrutiny than in the big cities and to separate themselves from those inner city gangs.

Rural America also happens to be where the majority of conservative Americans live who were reforming traditional, constitutional militia groups, and they found they were getting lumped together by the media as the same type of group as the FBI started to crack down on the Neo-Nazi criminal enterprises. Timothy McVeigh was a prime example of this. His agreement with conservatives against the aggressive use of federal power at Ruby Ridge and Waco, Texas and his disagreement with the 1993 Assault weapon ban was enough to get him to attend a militia meeting in Arizona and again in Michigan, but the views of these militia groups were not extreme or racists enough for him to join. The Turner Diaries, an Aryan Nation fictional novel, was his bible and it drove him to action against the government, in the same manner described in the book, leading to the destruction of the federal building in Oklahoma City in 1995.

The media blamed McVeigh’s extremist views on the militia groups that he never joined. The stereotypes perpetuated of him being a violent racist only fed the image created by the KKK and the Black Panthers of militias in American minds. This led to a rapid decline in memberships in militia groups across the nation, disbanding many of them.

However, the movement was revived once again after President Obama took office with an agenda even more worrisome than that of Bill Clinton. The militias are growing again by as much as 60% per year. Many people feel the threatening power of the federal government in their daily lives and the secrecy of the Obama Administration on issues. The purchase of 1.6 billion rounds of ammunition along with 2,700 armored vehicles and 7,000 fully automatic weapon systems for the Department of Homeland Security has many concerned about the future liberty of our nation.

So, what is the real militia? It is a group of constitutionally-minded free citizens grouped together for the common cause of preservation of our traditional values and beliefs. They are open groups, never ashamed to speak publically about the history and importance of our great nation and the need for citizens to provide balance against the power of government. They are not anti-government, for they—with all citizens of our nation—are the government. They are not racist, for they believe all men were made equally by their Creator and endowed with certain inalienable Rights including life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. This is the militia and it’s up to you if you chose to stand on the sidelines of history or become a part of it.


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Police: Friend or Foe

Constantly, when I log into Facebook or YouTube, I see videos of uniformed police officers doing the unthinkable. Oaths may differ from state to state, but we tend to think along with that oath is a promise to serve the public and preserve the peace, and ultimately, defend the Constitution. However, when I watch these videos, I see officers performing cavity searches on the side of busy freeways for the suspicion of marijuana use, I see officers arresting a veteran who is legally, openly carrying, I see officers confiscating skateboards just because they don’t like the kids riding them, I see a report of an officer murdering a Sunday school teacher because she wouldn’t roll down her window, and dozens of reports of SWAT teams running raids on the wrong homes and shooting innocent people and pets.

Coupled with our regime tearing down our Constitutional rights in Washington D.C., many are left with the impression that we live in a police state. People peacefully demonstrating against the Obama administration are being arrested—which violates the First Amendment—people legally carrying weapons are being detained and arrested in violation of the Second Amendment, and people are being pulled out of their cars and having their vehicles searched without their consent, in violation of the Fourth Amendment. People certainly have just cause to be a bit apprehensive when it comes to having a police officer contact them.

But, it’s time for a reality check. There are nearly 800,000 police officers in the United States. Anytime you deal with any large group of people, regardless of their profession, you are going to see a few bad apples. It’s easy to get caught up in the sensationalism of bad press. Certainly those videos are worth seeing, but what we don’t see are many of the videos about the good cops, like L.A. Sherriff’s Deputy Elton Simmons who has written over 20,000 tickets and never received a single complaint. There are also stories of an officer saving a dog from a car accident, rescuing people from house fires, and stopping a deranged maniac who wanted to kill a two year-old girl.

So, when we deal with police, we need to be fair. Using a bit of caution is not a bad idea and I don’t think any honest officer would mind if you video recorded your encounter for your own safety, but at the same time we should not take actions that would escalate the emotions of the encounter. We have our rights, and we should be aware of how the courts have interpreted those rights under our circumstances when we have an encounter with police. If you don’t want to roll down your window all the way when the police stop you, then you should know the court decision that supports you. If you want to walk down the street openly carrying a pistol, you best know the court decisions that prevent an officer from taking your gun or detaining you. It doesn’t take long to look up these cases.

Yes, it is possible to educate a police officer on the law. Even though they have been trained, it’s easy to forget things, or have misinterpreted laws in their head, but you have to know what you are talking about and be able to state your sources or else the officer cannot verify your information. Be knowledgeable and be courteous. Just because you know an officer is wrong, does not mean you should be rude and arrogant. I see videos where people harass police officers doing their jobs and when the police finally react, they act like they are the innocent victims of police harassment.

Also, I think it’s important we address the issue of police departments across the nation overusing High Risk Entry Teams, like SWAT, to execute simple warrants. This needs to be addressed with the city councils that use these teams. Furthermore, I believe that this area is one for which law suits are very effective. If police department have to pay large settlements due to misuse of force, then they will eventually have to address the policies in which their officers use force to ensure that they are constitutionally sound.  I also believe people should force their cities and counties to hold officers responsible who clearly break the law and not accept the line “within department policy”. Putting pressure on the right people, especially around elections, can get results.

We need to remember, police officers are people too. There may have been issues with the call that preceded your contact with them or even issues arising from the officer’s home life which could cause him or her to act in a manner that is inconsistent with their normal behavior. We all have bad days and police officers are no exception. I recommend everyone read the book ‘Verbal Judo’ by Dr. George Thompson.  He teaches his readers how to deescalate tense situations to prevent violence. Even if everything fails, be cooperative. Resisting and being argumentative can lead to legitimate charges where there may not have been one before. After all, the officer is not the one who actually enforces the law, that’s the judge and they are not going to be happy with an officer that arrests a citizen who did not break any laws. Which then makes your complaint against the officer that much stronger.


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Losing the Defensive Battle


One of the few great things about television is that it provides a looking glass back in time. You can find old black-and-white programs from the late 40’s through the early 60’s and get a flavor of a society completely foreign to today’s. Technology has astoundingly changed the quality of lives of people since the end of the 19th Century to today; the dynamics of our cultural climate change has nearly given us what equates to be generational whiplash. Not that everything was prefect in those days, but concepts of individual liberties and freedoms were held in much higher esteem.

So, how did the American dream go from a land where you can work hard, pursue you goals, and carve out a life to be proud of, to one where if you work hard and pursue your goals so you can afford to pay the taxes so other people can live a life where they don’t have to work? We live in a nanny state and a police state where someone from the government is just around the corner, ready to tell you what you can’t do and fine you for it. There are regulations on just about everything we do and odds are you are breaking the law almost every day whether you know it or not.

We went from a nation of strong morals and ethical values to one of rampant social degradation. It’s easy to point the fingers at the hippies, communists, progressives or any other form of socialists and while that may be true, conservatives have to take some of this blame. The reason for this is because we have been using the wrong tactics. We have been fighting the defensive battle.

Look at our society as a balance between anarchy and totalitarianism. On one side, you have no government and no control—it’s every man for himself and only the strong survive. On the other hand, you have no freedoms at all and you will conduct yourself exactly as you are told, nothing more, and nothing less. In the middle, you have a balance, where you have just enough government to keep other people from impeding on your rights to life and property, but not so much as they can tell you what you will do with either. This is liberty.

For decades now, we have had the socialists pushing that balance toward totalitarianism in the name of tolerance and equality by waving the banner of “change” as if more government translates to more freedom. Conservatives attempt to stand their ground, arguing that these social changes will only bring the opposite effect the proponents of change claim to bring. People are reluctant to change and, believe it or not, conservatives often win.

But therein lays the problem, every time the socialists do win, they push us closer to that totalitarian state, and when conservatives, win they have just momentarily prevented us from moving that direction but do not undo any socialist advances made before. Furthermore, the socialists are playing the game much harder and better. If conservatives block legislation that would impede our liberties, they will just get the president to sign an executive order or have some government entity issue a new regulation that does the same thing. If conservatives manage to stop either of those, then socialists will push the issue in the courts. If those tactics fail for the socialists, then they will just change the wording on what they want and attack again from a slightly different direction. Conservatives are put under a constant onslaught that appears to have no end. They will even make concessions and compromises just to stop the changes from being so severe, but this only energizes the opposition because a victory is a victory and the country again makes another shift to the left.  

If we are to unravel all the damage that has already been done to our freedoms, then we need to change tactics and stop fighting defensively, but offensively. We need to rally and start actually pushing this nation back into balance where individual liberty thrives, small businesses can compete and grow, and jobs return to the United States. We have to stop making compromises and educate the people that they cannot depend on government to solve all their problems, and that it is actually government that is creating most of their problems. We need to keep pointing out where the socialist agenda has damaged our nation and give solutions on how to solve these problems. The people need leadership; we need conservatives to take the helm of the ship, steer us back on course, and be more than just an anchor. We need to get back to being a people who represent a light to the world of high moral standing and strong ethical values.


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“Out of My Cold, Dead Fingers”

I have heard this line since I was a little kid. I love it. It’s even better than “molon labe” in my opinion! It paints a clear picture. If you want my guns, you are going to pay for them, in blood. Just the thought of it inspires me. With a motto like this soaring across the nation, no one should ever dare infringe on the 2nd Amendment, no less be brazen enough to actually attempt to confiscate a firearm from a red-blooded American. It would be suicide, right?

Well, at least I used to think so. In 2005, New Orleans was slammed by Hurricane Katrina. A large portion of the city was swallowed by water after multiple breaks in the city’s levy system occurred. People fled the submerged city in droves, but there were also large portions of the city that stayed that remained above the water level. It was a national emergency nightmare and FEMA was completely unprepared. Which seems strange, considering it’s their job and all, but I digress.

With violence soaring out-of-control, looting happened at a rampant pace, and gangs openly seized control of the streets. New Orleans responded with calling in the National Guard and declaring Martial Law. The first act of Martial Law wasn’t protect property and save people, but obviously seize the guns. The National Guard didn’t go after the street gangs, because they kept running away and hiding like cockroaches, so they focused their efforts on easier prey, law abiding gun owners protecting their homes. Using the mandated registry the Guard went home to homes without warrants and seized all firearms. Sure, people were upset, especially after the gangs followed behind the Guard and had a carefree time looting without fear of return fire, but the Guard really had little difficulty executing their orders. The NRA eventually jumped in and got a court order ending the practice, but to this day many of those gun owners never got their weapons returned to them.

Then in July of this year, Cook County, Illinois (Chicago) unilaterally withdrew thousands of Firearm Owner Identification Cards (FOID), which is an elaborate permission slip to own a firearm. More than 3,000 people failed to turn in their cards and their legally purchased guns, so deputies of the Cook County Sheriff’s Office continue to around door to door collecting these cards and the owner’s guns, sometimes with a High Risk Entry Team. 10 to 20 of these cards get revoked every week. Sometimes on drug charges, sometimes just because some desk jockey decides a FOID holder is mentally unstable. Aside the fact that these cards’ very existance is highly unconstitutional, the revocation is even more so, but the whole episode goes off without very little trouble for the Sheriff’s Office.

Also this year, we have the People’s Republic of California greatly expanding its list of people no longer allowed to possess firearms. Reasons for revocation of rights range from unpaid taxes to failure to pay toll fees in a “timely” manner as well as many other misdemeanor and non-criminal charges. The state spent more than $24 million to hire officers to run raids on over 20,000 residents who possessed legally purchased and registered firearms. This also continues today.

“From my cold, dead fingers” is an attitude that should not be taken lightly. I am not advocating that if you possess a legally purchased firearm that you sacrifice your life in order to keep it if the authorities come knocking on your door. For decades the thought of the government actually confiscating legally owned firearms was so foreign as to seem ridiculous; so making such statements was easy to proclaim with no real risk.

However for many, that day is here. I have a Facebook friend in West Virginia who had authorities run a warrantless raid on his home while he was at work. They confiscated his guns and computers, because of some right-wing statements he had made on Facebook. His wife and children were taken into custody for the day but were eventually released and no charges were filed. He is still trying to get his property returned.

Whether you have ever uttered the words “from my cold, dead fingers”, “molon labe”, or “come and take them”, then take some time and think what those words actually mean and what the consequences are. If you have a family, discuss this with seriously with your spouse. Discuss with your friends who have also made these statements. Prepare yourself for the possibility that someone will come for your guns, because the days are gone when this was purely hypothetical speculation. The day is coming when you will get the knock on your door. It may be years, it may be weeks, but without a doubt, it will come. Prepare yourself and have a plan of action.


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Hypocrites Abound

I can’t tell you how many conservatives I have talked to that are completely flummoxed by our Commander-in-Chief. It seems like every position the man has taken in his life he has turned around and done the opposite. He hammered Bush for invading Iraq. He attacked him for high gas prices. He lambasted him for the poor economy. He even criticized Bush for his NSA spy program, yet he is now guilty of all the same things. He defines hypocrisy.

Now that we are on the verge of war with Syria, which could escalate to who-knows-what, where are all those war protesters who hogged up all the air time on TV during the Iraq war? What happened to all those liberals that screamed about Bush raising the debt limit and driving us into bankruptcy? Where are the liberals who demanded Bush to close Guantanamo Bay? During the Bush administration the liberals attacked Bush for suppressing free speech, for trying to get Clear Water, to cancel Howard Stern, and let’s not even get into the Patriot Act. The entire left wing seems to be filled with hypocrites.

With Obamacare on the horizon, Obama is everything Reagan warned us about. So, why are so many moderates still clinging to the idea he is a good president? Why are people not picketing across America demanding impeachment? Obama should be pure gold to conservatives. He demonstrates everything conservatives have been saying about liberals for years. It seems we have our very own Vladimir Lenin sitting in the White House and America doesn’t seem to care. The country is more divided than ever. We seem to be gaining little to no ground. We may even see another civil war in our lifetime, being the last resort to restore the Constitution, and the moderates just are not listening to us.

Sometimes, the answers we can’t find in others can be found in ourselves. In 1999, I was a young Republican. I listened to Rush Limbaugh’s entire 3-hour program every day and several other conservative talk show hosts as well. I had a job that allowed it. I didn’t initially support Bush Jr., but I rallied into his camp after he won the primary. He said some great things about lower taxes, responsible government, and putting a lockbox on Social Security. After all, anything had to be better than Clinton, right? I’m not so sure anymore.

This is where it all gets confusing. I remember all the great things the Republicans said would happen when Bush got elected; unfortunately I do not remember hardly any of his promises being kept. What was Constitutional about our invasion of Iraq? Did it matter that he lowered taxes when he just increased spending? Before Bush Jr., there was no Department of Homeland Security or the Patriot Act, the worst piece of legislation our government ever enacted against the American public. When people look back at the presidency of G.W. he rallies an astounding 28% approval rate and is listed near the worst presidents in history.

So, by example, what do we offer the American public that is better than Obama? In recent history, not much. We sit back shocked that Obama would invite members of Islamic terrorist organizations into the White House, but conservatives said nothing when Bush met with Saudi Arabian leaders repeatedly even though 15 of the 19 9/11 hijackers were from that nation and international intelligence reports indicated that Saudi Arabia at least had advance knowledge of the attack if not provided direct assistance.  Yes, we have our own fair share of hypocrites.

If we are to win back this nation, we need to first win back our side. It doesn’t matter if it’s the Republican Party or whatever party. We conservatives need to rally behind a single party that stands for truth. When both sides are playing the same partisan games, why should moderate America choose a side? One side is as bad as another. Our values need to come first, and we need to support politicians that act with those values. Enough with us putting forth pretty boys who talk a good game and appeal to the masses. We need representatives, senators and a president with character. We need someone willing to put America first and not special interest groups or some giant corporation. We need to stop making compromises.