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Syria: Why It Really Matters To The West

    There has been no shortage of news coverage involving the Syrian civil war or it’s alleged use of chemical weapons. While the latest push for a limited strike by the Obama Administration was based on the arguement that the Syrian government had used chemical weapons against it’s own people, the U.S. government, as well as other Middle-Eastern countries such as Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Israel have long sought to see the Syrian dictator, Bashar al Assad removed from power.

It is speculated that Assad is hated for his corruption and oppression of his people, but that is not the reason why foriegn powers, who are also corrupt and oppressive toward their own people would want to see the Assad Regime toppled. Some will say it is resources, the control of oil pipelines, or the geo-strategic position of Syria. The fact remains that for decades, Syria has been a secular nation where various religious groups have lived, for the most part, in tolerance of one another, putting aside differences for the common interest of national soveriegnty.

Since the rise of Hafez al Assad in 1970, Syria has been fiercely independant. Though it made severe mistakes internationally with a war against Israel and it’s involvement in the Lebanese civil war in the 1970’s, Syria has long been a nation at peace with itself until the early 1980’s when a Sunni Muslim group known as the Muslim Brotherhood began terrorising Syrian government officials resulting in a military crack-down by Hafez al Assad which killed thousands in the western city of Hama.

Again, this does not explain why foriegn governments want the Assad family removed. The reason lies not with what Syria does or has as far as resources, but rather, what Syria does not have.

1. The Syrian government owns outright it’s own central bank, without any involvement by the Rothschild Banking Cartel which in part owns or influences nearly all central banks throughout the world.

2. Syria is not indebted to the International Monetary Fund which has untold political power over member states and has proven to be dictatorial in said states when they fail to repay the IMF as was seen in Italy, Greece, Spain, Portugal, and Crete.

It is noteable to recognize that there are only four countries not beholden to the Rothschilds or affiliated banks like Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan Chase, HSBC, and others who support the IMF. Those four countries are Syria, Iran, Russia, and North Korea. So in essence, it is not an interest of Western governments per se, but rather an interest of the banks they are indebted to.